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I have been excited for the release of two video games – one The Sims 3(out in June) and EA Active which was released May 19th. We bought EA Active a few days ago and I will be buying The Sims 3 once it is available. I already have Wii Fit and do enjoy the game but find it lacking in a few areas. My primary beef is not being able to string games together to make a workout. After each exercise you have to select another one. It takes a few seconds to load and while that may be good to catch your breath or take a drink of water, it does me no good. My mind begins to wander and before I know it, I’m not playing Wii Fit anymore.

But EA Active is very different. You can do the 30 day challenge that is a workout routine already laid out. It’s a good way to get used to the exercises. Then you can build your own workouts. I played yesterday for a 20 minute workout that kicked my tail. I didn’t get back to it today because of dead batteries in the Wiimotes.

I think I like it. I will like it a lot better once I’ve played it more and have figured it out.

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