Fluffy The Overpriced Build-a-Bear

Meet Fluffy – the most expensive stuffed animal I have ever purchased. This summer I thought we would get to see some of the sights of San Antonio but we didn’t. We did go to the Alamo but that is about it. So I had a few dollars tucked back for a fun excursion. Build-a-Bear was an item that my daughter had put on the summer bucket list.

Build-a-Bear was a fun experience. Rae enjoyed it a lot and thought the employees were super nice. She loves the bear – so it is way over what I would have paid for a normal bear but she has played with it a lot. When she is at school, I have to babysit Fluffy and do fun things with her. You know, things Fluffy enjoys according to my daughter.

She has a lot of fun with the bear even months later(It is now December. I started this post in August) so Fluffy has been a lot of entertainment. Maybe we will make it an annual trip.