The Play Tent

At the beginning of the summer, my daughter mentioned that she wanted a tent. I thought it would be a good idea since it would give her somewhere to play outside and a fun, cheap playhouse. Most playhouses on the market that are reasonably priced are for todders – not six-year-olds. If I was interested in spending the amount we spent on our last vehicle, that would have covered the cost of a nice-sized playhouse for her. But since that wasn’t an option, I thought the tent might be a good alternative.

There are many tents. Some are very large with more than one room. I found a scouting tent – mainly for Boy or Girl Scouts who go camping. It was small but very reasonably priced at $20.

Setup was super easy – in fact Rae helped me drive the stakes into the ground to keep it steady. She wanted to spend the first night in the tent and she wanted me to join her. I stayed as long as I could in that cramped, surprisingly warm space until I went inside. She quickly followed.

She has $20 worth of fun with it that is for sure. As a child, I always loved when the tent was being aired out and I could play in it. The tent was a good idea and was a very affordable option to create an outdoor playing space.