Automatic Savings

We decided to open up a checking account locally to make it easier to access our money. I definitely want us to get back to using cash for a log of purchases as this will keep us from using money from our checking account and make us more mindful of the money we are spending.

One of the checking account options was to have a $1 automatically drafted from your checking account into your savings account(with the same bank) each time you used your debit card. What a neat way to save money. We use our debit card probably an average of twice a day. That would be $14 a week we would be automatically funneling into savings and wouldn’t miss at all. It will definitely be something to consider if/when we open a savings account with them also.

This does inspire me to save more – even if it is small amounts. Savings is a struggle. Small amounts do add up in time. For general savings this will be a great strategy since it is really just extra money.