Black Friday Shopping

There is one day of the year that I relate to hunters who get up at 4am to go deer hunting. It is the day after Thanksgivings when I leave my warm bed at 3:30am to get ready for those early bird sales. There is something magical about shopping on Black Friday. Finding that one deal you wanted is a wonderful feeling. This year even more stores will start their sales earlier like Thanksgiving Day early. Since we are not going home for Thanksgiving, some retail therapy might be good to drown the sorrow of missing our family.

Each year there seems to be a few items that I want to find on Black Friday, and usually I can make it on sales in time to snatch up these deals. Since we historically have traveled on Black Friday to visit family, I have three cities to look for Black Friday deals. Usually one of those places has what I’m looking for.

This year we are in a brand new city and state. Not sure how the crowds will be but may venture out but probably not very early. I will be doing a fair amount of shopping online and having the gifts shipped home – less we will have to bring at Christmas.

So I’m looking forward to Black Friday especially since we are in a new city with many more shopping options. Since I’m not looking for anything specific, I should be happy with whatever bargains I may find!