Fun Friday – 1971

This week’s Fun Friday topic is the year you were born. I was born in 1971. I’d love to find some gas for 40 cents a gallon and can’t believe the governor of Louisiana is my age! I feel so unaccomplished.

Cost of Living –

Cost of a new home – $25,250.00
Gallon of Gas – 40 cents
Postage Stamp – 8 cents
Movie Ticket – $1.50

Here are a few events that happened in 1971

February – Evel Knievel sets a world record by jumping 19 cars.

July – Jim Morrison found dead in a bathtub in Paris

August – Construction begins on the Super Dome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

October – Walt Disney World opens in Florida.

December – The Libertarian Party is established.

Who was also born in 1971 –

Denise Richards
Nathan Fillion (*swoon*)
Craig McCracken (Powerpuff Girls)
Ewan McGregor
Shannen Doherty
Mark Wahlberg
Bobby Jindal(mayor of Louisiana)
Corey Feldman
Tom Green

2 thoughts on “Fun Friday – 1971

  1. 1971 let me see, I was at school in my home town of Silverstream, Wellington, New Zealand – we had actually only just recently moved there too! Evil Knievel…interesting isn’t it how we haven’t really moved on…he’s been replaced by the likes of the Crusty Demons!

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