Part 3

Welcome back me! This is my second restart of this blog. I had let registration passed months ago but decided that I really would like it again. Luckily it was available. Best of all, I never deleted the information from my web hosting, so my old blog is all here. So this time I won’t be starting again from square one.

I have a few blogs but wanted one where I can talk about some subjects that would be off topic from my other blogs. Instead of making a blog for each topic, I will just roll them all together here.

I have started decluttering our house and am selling a lot of it on eBay. That is one subject that also goes hand in hand with our plan to get out of debt and manage our money better. I’ve lost 30 pounds and still need to lose about 20 pounds, so the dieting category will also stay. I’m also planning on running my first 5K at the end of February. I’m still Catholic, blogger, and a crocheter so those subjects may creep up every once in a while. My daughter is now 5 and we are getting ready for kindergarten(darn those late fall birthdays or she could have started this year).

So this blog will be very eclectic and hopefully informative and entertaining.