Homemade Bubbles

Being a tester, I love to try out practically anything. Luckily my daughter is the same way. This makes for some fun times. I ran across a homemade bubble recipe that touted that the bubbles wouldn’t pop.

Intrigued I couldn’t wait to give this a try.

So last night I made the bubble solution, and we tested it out. The bubbles were a flop. We could barely get any bubbles. I had prepared my daughter that we may have to tweak the recipe. So we did some tweaking. It still didn’t work as expected.

Today I set out to learn more about bubbles. I went to the recipe again and then noticed a link to how bubbles work. So armed with this knowledge, we will try our bubble recipe again.

The bubble solution is simple: water, dishwashing soap, and corn syrup. I has used slightly more corn syrup thinking that would be the key to making the bubbles sturdy. But since we were having trouble with bubbles, I was at a complete lost. Well that is until I read about the science of bubbles.

One possible culprit is tap water. The hard water here could be the cause for no bubbles. Also I read that using laundry detergent instead of dishwashing soap works well. We will make a few more attempts in search of the perfect bubble recipe. Stay tuned.