The Patrick Rothfuss Experience

My anniversary gift to my husband this year was a meeting with Patrick Rothfuss. Ok, so he had to share that gift with the over 400+ attendees at BookPeople in Austin, TX and managed only to exchange pleasantries with Pat. It was still worth it.

Not only did my aspiring writer husband get to meet one of his favorite authors, he got to hear this author speak about his writing process, self doubt, and all the other human emotions we all experience but somehow think are unique to only us. Writing is hard. It is much easier to speak thoughts than to put them down on paper. Writing can be frustratingly long process. It is good to recharge the creative batteries every once in a while – ok maybe more often than that some weeks.

The talk started at 7pm and lasted a full hour. Then the real fun began. This was our first ever book signing and didn’t know what to expect. Needless to say, we learned a lot. First, you will wait and wait. Then you will wait some more.Then when you are ready to give up, you will still have to wait but will see progress. For my husband, this was actually entering the room where Pat was signing. From that point, it took about 20-30 minutes. All in all we were there for five hours. We learned some lessons if we ever do this again like bring some refreshments.

This was my first exposure to Patrick Rothfuss since I haven’t read his books yet. He was quite entertaining, has an impressive beard, and just seemed to really enjoy being there. I would definitely travel again to see him and next time I will stand in the massive line for an autograph. While in line, my husband notice a few unusual requests. One guy asked Patrick to sign his leg which will serve as a template for his next tattoo. That is one way to mark (permanently!) the moment. Another guy asked for a hug to which Patrick agreed. Then there was the guy who wanted to play the saxophone for Patrick. So there is some commonality – these were all guys! There were plenty of females in the line as well so I can either assume that only the men were making crazy requests or that my husband just didn’t see anything out of the ordinary from the females. Granted he was in line for four hours. Of those four hours, only about an hour was spent close enough to see what was going in the signing room.

Anyway. It was a great experience and one we would love to repeat sometime.