Coincidence or something else?

What I am about to tell you may not be Twilight Zone worthy, but it is interesting. First a little background. My daughter is visiting her grandparents in another state. She has been there for about a month. We skype practically everyday. She has a Nintendo 3DS and so do I. We both have the game Animal Crossing which we haven’t played a lot in the past few months.

Saturday we take the car in for some maintenance, so I take my 3DS and actually play Animal Crossing. First time I have played in about a month. It was fun. Last night we are skyping when my daughter says she wants to connect the 3DS to the MIFI so we can play Animal Crossing together because she started playing it again yesterday. We travel to each other’s towns, and you can play that way over the Internet, too.

It was kind of neat that we both played the same game after not playing it for at least a month. And played it on the same day. I like to think of it as some connection. It makes me miss her less.

We weren’t able to get the 3DS connected because the MIFI was the wrong encryption, and I didn’t feel like walking through how to change it. Instead we just played Animal Crossing and talked about what we were doing on Skype. A fun time and memory for sure.