Day 3 – Christmas Notebook

Advent ornament for day 3

The first year I bought gifts for everyone in my family I was in college. It was easy to keep up with the whole crew as there were my two brothers, four nieces, and a nephew. Years later and that number has significantly grown. My nieces now have kids of their own and there is also my husband’s family. So family gift giving has become way more joyously complicated. Now we just buy for the kids under eighteen but still that number is a glorious twenty-two!
I started keeping a notebook to make my Christmas list a few years ago. I would use one sheet just as a list of people I wanted to buy for. Then another sheet for a budget. On either of these sheets or even a third one, I keep up with what gifts I have bought and for whom which comes in handy the next year. Since we travel to during the holidays, I also keep track of when the gift was wrapped and packed as the last thing I want to do is shop a few days before Christmas.
A composition notebook is what I use, and it works just fine. They cost less than two dollars, and one notebook will last you for several Christmases. It’s an easy way to organize your holiday gift giving.