Kano Computer

Kickstarter is an amazing place. There are so many cool projects. It’s just fun to browse what others are doing. One project we back was Kano – a computer anyone can make. It’s a full working computer driven by Raspberry Pi and Linux. It appealed to us for our daughter since we have built our own computers before. We thought it would be a fun project for her to build one and then use it.

We were glad to see this one arrive. Our daughter was excited, too.


A closer look inside before we got down to the task at hand.


Unpacking everything and still very interested especially when she came across the stickers.


Here is a page from the instruction manual that laid out how to put everything together. The booklet was a story which made the boring instructions fun.


This is such a tiny keyboard but for small hands it doesn’t really matter.


Now we are getting somewhere with the help of Daddy of course.


The Kano computer project is complete! Now time to set up the account and get started.


Unfortunately we put it all together but really haven’t used it much since. The Kano needs to find a permanent home somewhere in our house because I think Rae would enjoy tinkering with it especially to make video games or Minecraft mods. It was a fun project and we have enjoyed it so far even if we have seldom used it.