No Job For Me

I finally have word on my job interview. They declined to offer me a position at this time. I am somewhat upset but relieved at the same time. Am I really ready to go back to work? I enjoy being at home with my daughter. Soon she will be in school, and I will have the rest of my life to work. Still I feel like I flubbed a job offer than should have been mine.

But right now money is extremely tight. We could definitely use the extra steady income that the job would have given. I’m beginning to feel all the stress from the weight of our debt. We can’t keep up with payments. It is like each month we have to decide which ones we have to pay and what ones we can let slide. It sucks. I’m so ready to be done with debt.

I need to take this as an opportunity. Since I have been at home I have made money online. It is usually no more than pocket money or to pay a bill or two. Now is the time to step it up.

I hope to have another chance with this company. Until then I need to focus my online efforts. It is going to be hard but I have to do it, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get us out from under this debt.