Retiring from Christmas Shopping

It is already August, so you know what that means. Yep, it’s time to plan for Christmas 2015. Last year I crocheted a lot of the gifts which went over really well. In fact I had this grand plan of doing it again for 2015 but starting in January working on one or two gifts a month because I barely finished. Then the months started to pass, and I still hadn’t begun crocheting gifts.

I am hoping to take my crochet ‘to the next level’ and by that I mean actually sell some crochet items. This is a big step for me because I have wanted to do this for a while but was paralyzed by fear that no one would pay me money for something I made. But that’s just silly to think that without at least trying to sell something. With those projects taking up my crochet time, I still haven’t begun making gifts, but then I had a brilliant idea. This year I plan to make Christmas as stress free as possible.

Everyone on my list – excluding my daughter (or maybe ever her!) will get money. Good, old hard cash. Gift certificates are too fussy but cash is king. I could just hit the ATM on the way to the Christmas party and be done. I might pick up some cards to hold the loot. I have bought gifts for years and stressed about more than one purchase. Most gifts are well received – or at least people seem to like it. Without a doubt they will love money.

All family will be getting money. Any dirty santa gifts will come from LootCrate goodies that we aren’t using. That just leaves a few friends to actually buy for. Yes, Christmas is going to be easy this year. Happy Holidays!