I am a Writer

I hate to admit how much I enjoy writing. Why? It’s hard to explain because – well – I’m really not sure. If I really give it some thought, I believe it has more to do about my past than my future and maybe by admitting that I can actually move forward.

My first job out of college was at a television stations, and I loved it. I worked in TV for seven years. At different times I did different jobs. Most of my titles required writing in some form or fashion. It was enjoyable. The only real problem was the pay – it sucked. I wanted to make more money, so I went back to college majoring in computer networking.

Now – years later – I find myself dissatisfied with working with computers. I just drives me crazy to sit in front of a screen for eight hours. I can’t take it anymore and am ready to switch to a different line of work. But what? Practically every job these days is tied to a computer. Especially writing. While I do own a typewriter, I do not see me pecking out anything of substance. Writing is more than just writing. It’s planning, thinking, and researching. Researching is a broad term which could be Googling information to staring out the sunset from the back porch. Research to me is also inspiring. I love it but find when I sit down to write, the words do not come. Possibly the reason for this is not acknowledging that yes I do want to write.

I’ve switched jobs and am now in software development. I have really no working experience, so it’s really scary that my employer is paying me to do something I barely know how to do. When I feel overwhelmed, I just think of writing code as just writing. The syntax is basically the style guide that must be followed or expect rewrites. I just ache to write, but I need to focus on other things like development. If I could combine both then that would be perfect. I fear development is not for me although I spent a long time thinking it was. I’m not sure a well written program would bring me the same satisfaction as a well written story. If I am serious about writing then I need to write more. Write in my free time and drive away the distractions.

I plan to write at least 500 words a day. It could be a blog post or a story, I also need to read about writing more. I find when I read more I want to write more as well. We have a shelf full of great writing books.

On this blog I will post a daily update of what I’ve done. I may move to a weekly update if I can prove to myself that I can write without daily accountability. This post will serve as today’s word count of 500. Tomorrow I might work on a children’s book idea and maybe some humor writing as well. I don’t want to schedule too much because I always fall behind and that leads to frustration. This is an exercise in gaining good habits.

More to come tomorrow!