Meet the Teacher Night

Tonight we attended yet another meet the teacher night. My little girl is going into the 4th grade. That doesn’t seem possible. This year will be the teacher’s first year of teaching. She was at the school when she did her student teaching, so she must have made a good impression. But also the school district did hire 800 teachers over the summer, and since they are only one of several school districts in the city, maybe they couldn’t be choosy. But after meeting her, I am sure they are confident in her abilities. I joked with Rae not to ruin teaching for her.

This made me think back on Rae’s past teachers. Her kindergarten teacher was a veteran teacher. She was kind but there was just something about her that seemed worn. Her first grade teacher was also a vet with 19 years under her belt. She was best in the morning. By the time the 2:45pm bell rang, she was screaming and just generally annoyed with most of the class.

Rae’s second grade teacher was younger with maybe a few years of teaching if that. She was awesome, and Rae enjoyed her class. She always seemed to have a lot of patience with her students. Rae’s third grade teacher had some experience. She wasn’t mean but she just didn’t make the same impression that the second grade or even the first grade teacher had. Isn’t that amazing how some teachers you remember forever while others just fade from memory? I believe Rae will always remember her 2nd grade teacher. If tonight is any indication of the coming school year, I think she will always remember the 4th grade as well.