I can’t get away from writing

My first blog was an experiment. I wanted an easy way to update my website without having to upload a webpage every time I added content. I loved blogging. It was easy, and you would see the results instantly instead of having to ftp changes. I was hooked.

I soon turned my whole website into just a blog and upgraded to WordPress. Before I was using a very simple blogging program that used a file system(read: simple text files) to store blog posts. As I wrote more, I found blogging communities and other bloggers. It was too long after that I learned of opportunities to make money with your blog. I joined every paid blogging site I found and loved making some extra cash for our family, but there was a price.

I was writing paid blogging post but also needed other posts in between them, so it was just paid post after paid post. I was writing a lot and running out of things to say. About a year into this, I was burned out. I no longer looked forward to paid blog posts as it was just getting harder and harder to write.

I gave up paid blogging and continued to blog with no set goals or schedule. I was averaging a new blog post every six months. I thought a nice break would re-engerize me but it didn’t. I still could not bring myself to write.

That was really hard since I loved writing but found it impossible to do. Would I ever write again?

My husband is writing a book which I am thrilled he is doing it. He’s an amazing story teller, so I am sure he will find success. His interest re-ignited my love for writing. Last NANOWriMo(National Novel Writing Month held in November) I wrote 50,000 words. Thrilled with myself, I was finally feeling that my writer’s block was gone. While I have written a few more thousands words since then, my writer’s block isn’t completely gone and probably never will be. But that’s OK. I know that I can write and still enjoy writing. If I set small attainable daily goals then I can get into better writing habits.

It seems that everything I want to do involves writing. There are blog posts and books that obviously need to be written, but there are other projects. I want to write crochet patterns and computer programs. While those are really more technical writing, it will still be hands-on-keyboard-writing. Sometimes I love to just type on a keyboard to hear the sounds of the keys.

Writing is a passion of mine. If I just remember that and remind myself that I really do enjoy the process of writing, I can hopefully keep it up.