Pax South 2016!

We have impatiently been waiting for news of Pax South 2016 as we knew it would be in San Antonio again. Last year we got tickets in July (it seemed like we did), so with no July announcement I worried it was going to be pushed later in the year.

Well now the dates for Pax South have been announced. The dates are January 29-31,2016. Tickets will be on sale soon. Now is the time to start stalking all things Pax.

We had a great time at Pax South 2015 and living in San Antonio made attending so easy. I’m hoping this year there will be more of everything. I’d love to hear some big announcements or some top secret gameplay. One thing that was truly enjoyable at Pax South was the indie game presence. I was exposed to a lot of games that I would have missed out on. Hopefully more of our friends will attend this year, too.

Rae and I hung out in the handheld lounge and racked up on hundreds of Street Passes. It was so fun and relaxing. I could do that every weekend.

Not to brag but San Antonio is kinda awesome. You should really check it out. Fun stuff, great food, and great hospitality. I see why Texans have so much pride. It’s well deserved!

Hope to see ya there! Get your tickets early!