Full-time Job

First let me just say that I love my job; I just find that at this stage of my career I really want to do something completely different. After months of wanting and hoping for a chance to switch to a different capacity, I was given the opportunity, so in truth it’s like I started a new job but with the same company. I have so much to learn and truthfully will take me a few years to get where I was in my other capacity in this new one, but I wanted to make the change and am not regretting it one bit.

It is work, though, outside of the home. It interferes with a lot of other things I want to do. The rest of this year I plan to make a real go out of moving some of the plans forward to see where they take me. It’s sad that I didn’t have this job 15 years ago when I would have been thrilled to rise up in the ranks there. Now, though, I have so many other thoughts and sadly a corporate job is not an any of them.

As I transition to something else at some point in the near future, I wonder what. Do I continue learning my new capacity as it seemed I wanted to do this job longer than I might actually do it. It is fun, and I just need to find the right avenue for me. Scary since I had so much trouble grasping this on my own but now after a corporate-sponsored boot camp, I can learn more on my own with the basics now understood.

I will probably post more on this later this week since it helps to sort out my thoughts by writing.

My point of writing this was one of should I continue to pursue something that isn’t my dream anymore but could be? I see now that I should have just gone for this career 15 years ago getting my food in the door anyway I could. Lessons learned I guess.