Daily Writing Goals

Writing it hard, but I love it and want to do it. I’d love nothing more than to make my living with words. If I continue at this pace, it will never happen. I have set a goal of 500 words a day on anything I want to write. It could be a blog post, short story, or (really dreaming here) a novel. It’s a small goal but very attainable. I love reaching it everyday as it makes me feel like I am moving closer to my dreams.

Once 500 words a day becomes comfortable, it will be time to increase the word count ever so slightly until I reach a pretty impressive words per day count. I hate to plan to write about a certain topic because then it seems I have nothing to say. An addendum to my goal is to make a small outline for blog posts and larger outlines for fiction writing. Learning to code has really helped me re-learn the value of planning.

Now that I have been doing the 500 words a day for a few weeks I want to sharpen the goal so that I move forward on certain projects. There is a short story contest with a deadline in about a month. I have the idea and a rough first draft. With some polishing and additions, it could be a fun story. Also there is a children’s book idea that I would really like to do. It’s important to me to finish some writing projects before the end of the year. I need to show myself that I can finish and follow through on goals.

Now to just keep the pace and write on. It feels good to write, so I just need to remind myself.