A Creative Mind

It seems lately that I have more projects than I have time and energy which means none of these many ideas I have swimming through my head are getting completed. I like to think of myself as a reasonably creative person. I do love crafting, drawing, making digital art. writing, etc. Sometimes all of these creative outlets compete with each other for my time at the same time. It’s frustrating and then always makes me feel like I have too many interests and should narrow it down a bit. I get this way about blogs, too. I will whittle down to one or two blogs then I get an idea, so I start another blog. Before I know it, I have six blogs again. The same cycle happens with my core interests.

What I need to decide is what I truly want to pursue and what is just really my mind telling me I can do. For example, when I’m reading a book all I can think about is writing. When I’m playing a video game all I can think about is making a game. I have tried to do several projects at once, but none of them are completed.

A Plan

I’ve always hated the idea of planning, but now I see that it can be an effective tool in not only getting stuff done but keeping you on track. For the rest of 2015 I want to concentrate on those areas that I feel are my future. I want to use computers less but know that whatever job I have computers will be a large part of the job. So using computers less might not be an option but a better way of phrasing what I want is to use computers differently. What I mean by that is to use the computer programs I want to use. The happiest time I have using a computer is when I’m working with digital design programs. With my communications background, I have worked in this medium before, so it’s not like starting at ground zero, but it’s pretty close since technology has dramatically changed since then.

I’m thinking of creating a mission statement and posting it everywhere so that I’m reminded of it daily. So that I move forward daily to that goal. I am not sure if planning with work for me all the time, but I have to give it a try and hope my mind cooperates.