2016 Goals

Happy New Year! How am I starting the New Year? By looking back on my 2015 goals ofcourse!

The last update I had done was way back in May. So I will update each goal for an end of the year report and what’s ahead in 2016.

Here it is. The last day of March already.

Freelance full-time
(Feb)Still would like to do this but exploring options right now.
March – Still wanting to do this and thinking either by the end of the year of next spring is my goal to make it happen.
May – This month I plan to actually do some writing for two content websites. I’ve worked with them before but it has been a while. I plan to write 2-3 articles for each.
End of Year – No real progress with this. I have basically changed jobs so hoping this new venture with the same company will bring me satisfaction and I can take building freelance work slowly.

Debt Free
(Feb)working to dwindle down the smallest student loan which should be paid in March. Two more to go and then the car. This goal is pretty much on track.
March – The IRS wants more of our money for taxes so this will hinder paying this off until April.
May – Got the IRS their money and also knocked out another student loan. 2 more to go. Both are $2800 so should be relatively fast. Then it is just the vehicle.
End of Year – Down to about $1K on the student loan(just one left). Have spent too much on the credit card but we will get that paid off by February. Then it’s onto paying off the car notes as we got a second vehicle in October.

Save at least $3K
(Feb)I haven’t started saving this yet.
March – no change. Haven’t started saving.
May – Sadly no savings.
End of Year – nope. No where near $3k.

(Feb)Have written very little. Have to do more.
March – Have done a few blog posts and have an idea for Camp Nano which will start in April. I have a goal of 15,000 words.
May – Failed Camp Nano. Had less than 3K words. But I am working on a novel idea and a short story.
End of Year – Writing has been a struggle for me for quite some time and I’m not really sure why. I just have to make myself do it. So I have an idea for a book that I plan to write. Right now I am still outlining it but hope to have a complete idea of what I want to write. That way when I write I already have an established plan.

(Feb)I’ve drawn a little bit and bought a drawing book that I’ve yet to open but looks promising.
March – I try to draw everything – at least something. My new project is work on one comic for a week and then post the best drawing of it.
May – I haven’t drawn much. Have plenty of ideas but just can’t get them out of my head. ARRGGHH!!!
End of Year – Still not drawing as much as I would like. I have a ton of comic ideas and hope to at least get down how I want to draw the characters consistently.

Lose Weight and RUN!
(Feb)have gained a pound. Must tighten up this even if it means doing a diet like Atkins to get started just to see some progress.
March – Not much progress here. I did buy a stepper exercise thing that I enjoy using and am gaining some stamina. Now that it is better weather it will be time to get out more. That is if the pollen doesn’t dictate otherwise.
May – Have lost 9 pounds but haven’t started running yet. The goal is to do a 5K by September.
End of Year – Maybe a 5K sometime by May. Still haven’t started running or losing weight.

Organize and clean house
(Feb)House is still an utter chaos but have started working on a plan.
March – The living room is now in order. This weekend we will shampoo carpets, wash curtains, and rearrange furniture.
May – Downstairs not bad – The big stuff is done but still plenty to do.
End of Year – Developing an action plan for de-cluttering and organizing our whole home. It may take a few months but it will be worth it. No more band-aiding the clutter problem.

(Feb)While I haven’t had a lot of progress, I hope the next update to have the clutter under control and to have lost 5 pounds. Baby steps are better than no steps at all.
March – Not too many updates and not where I’d hope to be. But that is the whole reason for doing an update is to remember these goals and to work on them.
May – I feel good about where I am. Ofcourse I would like more progress on the writing and drawing but I feel the more I do to organize our home, the more focused I can be on other tasks. Here’s hoping for a great May.
End of Year – While I didn’t meet any of my 2015 goals, I do feel like I am on track for long term progress. I will be hopefully blogging more in 2016 as well as moving forward to some other pet projects.

Here’s hoping everyone much success in 2016!