Book Readers and Game of Thrones Season Six

George RR Martin has spoken through his blog about Winds of Winter. The news is disappointing because the book will not be out by the same season six of the HBO TV show begins. As a book reader who read the first book after watching the first season, I thought I might share a few of my thoughts about my experience.

I started watching season one because of my husband who had read the books. I enjoyed the show and after season one began to read A Game of Thrones. I had tried watching a movie based on a book and then reading the book. I could never finish the book as it was just too spoiled for me. I knew what was coming, and the book couldn’t hold my interest.

With Game of Thrones, I made it through the whole book even though season one was pretty much everything that happened in the first book. It took me longer to read that book than the next two books combined, but I made it through. Even though I knew the plot which was the reason for the slow read, the book entertained me. I loved Martin’s writing. I was in Westeros following the journey of all these vivid characters. It held my attention. I love his writing. Because of the size of the books and how little I read, I can safely say that I have read more of Martin’s writing than any other author.

So I am not worried the I will be reading Winds of Winter after season six even though it it possible I will know some possible spoilers from the TV show. It is quite possible that the TV show takes a different spin from the books or at least a different road getting to events. Either way I’m OK with watching season six and then reading Winds of Winter.

Look at the bright side of the book being released after season six – you won’t have to worry about the book coming out right before the premiere and having to stay up all night reading it. See? There is a bright side to everything even those things that are truly disappointing.