As Valentine’s Day arrives, I am reminded of my daughter’s first Valentine. She was in first grade and got a huge stuffed heart from a boy. It was sweet. Sadly they didn’t last and the reason is something we can all learn from.

It’s amazing how wise children can be. I mean if we could just keep the perspective as we get older. She had mentioned before how she liked this boy, and he found out she liked him. He liked her back which was when the problems arise. You see he changed. He treated her differently – maybe acting a little weird around her. Sure first graders may not know how to show affections. The point my daughter made was that she like him for the way he was and just because he found out she liked him was no reason to act differently. Their relationship changed but the only thing that truly changed was their knowledge of how they felt about each other.

But maybe we all do that. We try to impress those that we know how feelings for us when in fact they have feelings for us because of who we are. We do not need to be more or anything else. So this Valentine’s Day as you set out to impress that special someone just remember they already like you for who you are.