Resolutions to live with

Resolutions. I have made many through the years and have maintained very few. Why is it so hard to turn over a new leaf? Make a new habit even when it is something you want to do?

We are creatures of habit, right? It is said that it takes 3 weeks to make something a habit. I brush my teeth without having to really think about it, and I’ve been doing that way longer than three weeks. I think for us all there is a number of days we do something before it becomes a habit. I’ve brushed my teeth for all of my life so let’s hope it isn’t that long that it takes me to develop a habit.

This year I have no big resolutions other than to enjoy the things I do. I do want to draw, crochet, and program more. Oh and I want to blog more. It’s not enough to just say I want to do these things. I need a way to get through to myself each day that this is the stuff that brings me the most joy and should be the activities that I partake in. Why am I so stubborn to myself?

For now my goal is simple. Do something everyday that I enjoy. This takes some pressure off having to do it perfectly or to even finish it.

I also want to read more in 2017. This subject needs a post in itself to track progress.

We are halfway through January. While I have drawn some this month so far, I have missed a few days. As long as I can do something to average out every other day then I will call January a good month.