31 days to build a better blog

I’ve just signed up for the April 31 days to build a better blog over at Problogger.net. It could be a very busy month since I write for 11 blogs.

Most of my blog network blogs I post more frequently on than my personal blogs although it’s always been my goal to do more with what I own. Hopefully this challenge will help me do more with my blogs.

Now that I’m home again full-time, I really want to take my blogs ‘to the next level’ instead of this just being a hobby. Hopefully this challenge will give me some insight and motivation to do just that.

I have been working to clean up my blogs as I used to do paid posts. For me it just became too much about the money and not about my content. I want to write useful content and hopefully that will eventually mean money through advertising. We’ll see how it goes. If not then I’m just happy knowing that what I write is helpful to someone.