My Top 5 iPod Apps

For Christmas, I got an iPod Touch. I have to say that it’s one of my all-time favorite Christmas gifts ever. I have to admit that I use the apps more than I listen to music. There are many apps available. I check the top 25 paid/free apps almost everyday and download those that look interesting or read/hear about on TV or online.

5. Flixster is an app that displays movie show times to theaters. Just put in a zip code for find a cinema near you. It’s easier to use this app than it is to go through the local theater’s website.

4. Flashlight turns your iPod into a flashlight and it works well. We live close to Grandma and sometimes walk out there at night. Flashlight comes in handy when I can’t find a real flashlight.

3. Colorsplash is a fun app to use with your photos. Colorsplash removes all the color of your photo and then with your finger, you can color it back in. You can save then email your creations to you friends.

2. Doodle Kids is an app I heard about on a television news program. It was written by a nine year old and he wrote it for his younger sister. My little girl loves it. It uses shapes like triangles and circles that change color as you draw on the screen. My toddler figured this out that if you tap it with two fingers, the background changes color. We play ‘Blues Clues’ with it(a doodle, doodle, doodle..guess!) and draw our favorite shapes. Her favorite shape is a circle, mine is a triangle, and Daddy is a square!

1 Bejeweled 2 has to be number one of my list as it has become my nightly routine to play a few rounds before bed. It’s my favorite app game so far. It’s a great representation of the PC version of the game.

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