Fun Friday Gross Food

This week’s Fun Friday topic for the Blogging for Fun Yahoo! group is a gross food that you love but others cringe at the thought of sticking in their mouth. I have to admit that this is a tough one as I used to be a very pick eater. I eat more of a variety now but still not that adventurous when it comes to eating.

One snack I used to eat as a kid that is kind of gross is vanilla wafters dipped in water. Oh those were so good! When I’ve told people about my favorite snack, I get the same reaction. It’s a sour face they make like how in the world could something eat that?

My niece ate strange foods when she was young. She loved raw spaghetti and butter. My little girl doesn’t eat anything odd or at least not yet. I’m afraid she may take after her mom and sticks with her favorite foods.

I would like to try new foods more often. There is a local place that serves alligator that we’ve been wanting to try out. Apparently alligator is really good and tastes like chicken. Who knows. I may just like it then.

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6 thoughts on “Fun Friday Gross Food

  1. LOL yep you were right I immediately wrinkled up my nose at your snack. I have heard of dipping them in milk, but not water. My son is kind of picky eater too, but I am constantly having him at least try new things, then if he honestly does not like it fine. It is hard to force yourself to try something you are afraid will be icky.

  2. Like most people, I had the same reaction to your snack (sorry). I am not a fan of soggy food. My kids don’t eat anything weird either. They are picky so they eat pasta or chicken.

  3. Hmmm, alligator? That’s interesting. I like to try a variety of foods, even exotic foods but i haven’t tried alligator. That will really be a challenge!

  4. I am not too adventurous in eating other food like the exotic ones. 🙂 But as for the alligator’s taste, that’s interesting to know. Thanks for sharing this to us. 🙂

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