Ghost Hunters

One of my new favorite shows is Ghost Hunters. Each Wednesday Sci-Fi has a block of their shows. Last week was the mid-season finale so now they are all reruns. But to newish viewers like me, there are plenty of their shows that I haven’t seen.

My husband thinks some of the in fighting drama is staged especially with Brian Harnois. It seems Brian is always messing up something and then lies about it. I’m not sure if he is still part of the TAPS organization or not. It seems he may be on Ghost Hunters International, which I haven’t seen yet. GHI will be back on the air in July.

My favorite evidence they get are EVPs -electronic voice phenomena. I especially like the ones that are words or sentences. It’s very entertaining.

I like the other ghost hunting shows but Ghost Hunters is my favorite. I know that they are edited and done for TV. So I take it all in as entertainment and not necessarily as evidence of ghosts. TV is just too fake to believe any of these ‘reality’ shows but I do enjoy watching them.

3 thoughts on “Ghost Hunters

  1. I like Ghost Hunters too. The Halloween live investigation is a tradition in my house for the past few years.

  2. I am a fan of the show and I think I have seen all of their episodes. I think the thing with Brian is just part of the show. They sure do like to rag on him. I like the GHI shows because there seems to be a lot more activity in places like Europe. Probably because their countries are a lot older than the States. A lot more going on for a longer amount of time.

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