Halloween Aftermath

Halloween on a weeknight really sucks. It seems that Halloween celebrations used to be the weekend before Halloween – or in these parts of the woods at least. It seemed that Halloween was taboo for a while with fall festivals taking center stage and very little made of trick or treating. In recent years, it is clear that Halloween on Halloween is back and bigger than ever.

Last night we went trick or treating in town. We live in the country so going door-to-door is challenging. You have to drive and that slows down the candy collecting. In our town, there are certain neighborhoods that really get into Halloween. Streets are roped off and everyone is dressed for the holiday. Yards are decorated and pounds of candy are handed out to hundreds of people. It was so much fun. I do have to agree with one adult – it was stimulus overload. A lot of adults were standing around looking a little lost – not knowing where or what to do next. We maneuvered our way around them to get to the next house.

I only have my phone- so my pictures of the decorations did not turn out very well. I have never had the desire to live in the city but being part of that neighborhood would be awesome. Fun loving people who offer something fun for their ‘neighbors’ even those from many miles away are my kind of people.

Rae had a great time, too. At one house we ate chili(my sister-in-law’s co-worker) and Rae played with two kids who were just as outgoing as she was. She said she liked trick or treating. You get candy and make new friends. A perfect Halloween indeed.