Me Time

One Mother’s Day I asked my parents when was Kid’s day to which my father replied that everyday was Kid’s Day. i didn’t fully appreciate that answer until I became a parent – everyday is Kid’s Day. It is all about her everyday. This weekend I decided that it is time to take back some of those days for myself.

It seems I never have enough time to do everything that needs to be done around the house. Since going back to work, our home has become a wreck. It seems that I just can’t make progress to get it back on track. So I have decided that I will start taking a day off each month for just me. I know that this day will most likely turn into a monthly spring cleaning and I’m fine with that. Having our house in order will make the rest of the month go by smoothly.

It is nice to admit that I need some alone time – even if it is only to clean. To have me time in any form is a good thing.