Ack! December is moving by too fast! It seems I have less time now that I am working to get everything ready for the holidays. Raegan has been wanting a way to countdown until Christmas. Of course, you can find a bazillion Advent calendars in October but never any as the holiday draws closer.

I did print out an Advent puzzle that we have yet to start. I had though about putting together a nativity – adding a piece everyday with the baby Jesus the last piece. I love nativity scenes and want to buy the Little People Nativity set. They had it before Black Friday but haven’t seen it since. Hopefully I will be able to find it or at least ask about it the next time I am at the store. It would be a lot of fun to use at home and in class.

We did an Advent calendar a few years ago that was a big hit. Not sure why we didn’t do one last year. But this year Rae is really into counting down until Christmas – so we really should be doing something to mark the days.

She is also enjoying Christmas shopping this year, too. She wants me to buy her gifts as she promised not to look in the shopping cart. Still let’s remove temptation and I will shop alone for her gifts. It isn’t like when she was one and I could buy them in front of her. Ah, the days when Christmas was easier and cheaper.

One of my goals this coming year is to make and Advent calendar app. I figure it will be a project that I have an interest in and will hopefully finish. Right now I am gathering information for it since I know I won’t be interested in researching this before next Christmas. I should use some of those ideas now to create our own Advent calendar. If I don’t act fast, Advent will be over. Why does December fly by so fast?