One Christmas Down, One To Go

This weekend we had our annual Christmas party for my side of the family. It is usually the weekend before Christmas and always feels rushed and hectic. This year – although we had a record turnout – didn’t feel rushed nor hectic. Whatever I did this year, I definitely plan to do next year. Here is how I prepared for the holidays.

Shop Early. And by early, I mean the day before the party. That is technically when I finished but that was only two gifts I had to buy. Most of my shopping I got done Black Friday weekend and online. Amazon has been a lifesaver. I got a Kindle Fire late November and it comes with a free one month Prime membership. Prime membership means upgraded 2-3 day shipping on many items. That free shipping has been incredibly enticing. I have bought more from Amazon this past month than the past two years combined. I will be getting a Prime membership.

Wrap presents early. Since I am working, I wrapped presents earlier than normal. And by wrap I mean place in a gift bag. The only presents I plan to wrap at the ones to my daughter. Everything else goes into a gift bag. It still takes a few minutes to wrap gifts but nothing like wrapping with paper. Plus getting them wrapped way before the party makes the day of the party a lot easier.

Buy pre-made treats. I bought a cake from the grocery store for a work party and took the rest of it to our Christmas party. I also bought a cracker/cheese/meat tray instead of making anything. Usually I don’t cook anything because my oven is so difficult. Maybe next year I will have a new oven and will make something – although it sure was easy to buy treats instead.

This year I made no homemade gifts but next year I plan to have some done. Work really takes a lot of time – so I will have to make items all year long to allow me plenty of time.

This week I plan to finish up everything for Christmas. So far this holiday has been way less stressful. It’s been totally awesome.