Quitting Old Habits

It is hard to break old habits – especially when it brings you such comfort. I have always twisted my hair. I twist it when I’m thinking, tired, bored, etc. When I was young, people would tell me that my hair would break and I would have bald spots. My hair never broke off and I have so much hair that a few strands are never missed. Lately though I see a real need to break this habit – my daughter is starting to pick it up.

My husband bites his nails. He has been biting them more lately because of work – so we’ve been ‘helping’ each other quit. We mainly yell ‘stop that’ at each other when we catch the other in the act. It is working somewhat well but annoying to be yelled at. Today my husband didn’t yell but just said “look you are twisting your hair” or something like that. I immediately stopped. So maybe a softer approach will get the job done as well.

For the first time in my life, I’m committed to stop my bad habit of twisting hair. It helps knowing that someone else in the family is giving her a habit, too. Misery loves company, right?

Introducing The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride is one of our favorite movies. We have watched it several times through the years. Our daughter Rae is now five years old and will sit through movies that are not cartoons. On family movie night recently, we decided that we would introduce her to the great movie The Princess Bride.

The movie night started off okay. I knew that she would love the title because she loves anything to do with princesses. She watched some of the movie and then would go play in her room. She did come back in and watch from time to time. One of those parts was the fire swamp and the rodents of unusual sizes – which scared her. Then she was done with the movie. It might be a few more years until she watches it again.

I hate her first experience of The Princess Bride wasn’t pure joy. Here’s hoping her introduction to Star Wars goes a lot better.

Good Thoughts

Each night before bed, Rae asks for good thoughts for me. I would love to say that I started this ritual but it was actually all Rae’s idea. Usually I rattle off what we are doing the next day or the the next weekend. Since I started work, good thoughts are not so exciting. The day is me going to work and Rae going to Mamaws. Still I wind up saying something..anything for good thoughts. Apparently last night I forgot.

This morning at 6am Rae wakes me up asking for good thoughts. She is like a tape recorder. When you hit pause, it will pick right back up at the same spot when you hit play. That is how she is when she sleeps. She is in pause mode. Her first response of the day most of the time has to do with her last thought of the previous day. This is what I think happened today. So I wake up enough to give her spot in my bed and go to her room – all the while she is asking me what I’m not giving her good thoughts. I am still not yet awake at this time – so talking is rather difficult. I fall back asleep in her bed and am soon awaken again by her. She lays down with me for a few minutes when I get up. She is then awake for the day.

Luckily, she wanted to watch cartoons and Sonic was on. I took that opportunity to get some more shut eye. I slept til 10am and it was wonderful. Note to self – always remember good thoughts!