Money Goals 2013

So my one and only New Year’s Resolution is No Excuses. This will cover a lot of areas so I’m hoping to eat healthier (instead of the excuse I have no time to prepare good meals) and save more money(instead of spending so much!).

Our money goals are simple – end the year with more than we have now. No real dollar amount but here are a few challenges we plan to do.

52 week money challenge

This is floating around Facebook. Basically each week you save the amount of the week of the year it is. So the first week you save a dollar, the second week $2 and so forth. At the end of the year you have over $1300. Since I wanted to put back money for Christmas, this will be a perfect way to save a little money each week and have a nice amount at the end of the year.

Another thing we are doing is putting $52/week into savings – my husband’s idea when I told him of the 52 week money challenge. But this money is just for savings.

One more way to save money is I want to save a percentage of my freelance money. I have been wanting to do this for a while but usually wind up spending it all before saving. So no more excuses. Savings first, then spending.

Let’s hope we can stick to our money goals!

Cookie Decorating

It’s National Cookie Day so to celebrate I am sharing pictures of our cookie decorating fun we had during Thanksgiving break. This is a tradition that my husband’s family does – so we decided to start it with our own family.

Everything is set up and ready to go.

Rae chose the colors. Not so holiday-ish but colorful!

Rae demonstrates how to make polka dots on the cookies.

This is about at the point where Rae gets bored and Mommy finishes the other cookies.

Rae is a picky eater – so the homemade icing had to pass the Rae taste test. Luckily it was to her liking.

Overall we had a lot of fun. We may have to do it again over Christmas break because come January her and dad and me will be hardcore dieters.

Broken Candy Canes

Rae loves to lick candy canes but not broken ones. One pack had several broken candy canes. Luckily her dad and I have no qualms with eating broken candy canes. As we discovered broken ones, Rae made some ‘art’ on the floor. I decided to jazz up the picture by applying a few filters to see what would happen.

So much fun to mess with pictures.

Automatic Savings

We decided to open up a checking account locally to make it easier to access our money. I definitely want us to get back to using cash for a log of purchases as this will keep us from using money from our checking account and make us more mindful of the money we are spending.

One of the checking account options was to have a $1 automatically drafted from your checking account into your savings account(with the same bank) each time you used your debit card. What a neat way to save money. We use our debit card probably an average of twice a day. That would be $14 a week we would be automatically funneling into savings and wouldn’t miss at all. It will definitely be something to consider if/when we open a savings account with them also.

This does inspire me to save more – even if it is small amounts. Savings is a struggle. Small amounts do add up in time. For general savings this will be a great strategy since it is really just extra money.

Home Alone..Now What?

Rae is in school and my husband went to work today(he had been sick the past two days). So now I am home alone for the first time since we moved to Texas. Oh how I have such big plans for learning and working from home. Maybe my ambitions are too high because right now I just feel overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.

Today I am going to do some cleaning and a little learning – definitely some blogging. This may take a few days to get used to.

First Day of School

My baby is growing up! She is now in 1st grade. The first day went well. Pickup was a little chaotic but we made it through. Lessons learned for tomorrow. I am close enough to walk to get her – so I will be doing that tomorrow. Silly me worried if I did that then I’d be the only one. Oh this country girl has a lot to learn about big city living. Everyone walks here.

Today was good. The house was quiet and kind of sad. By the end of the week it will feel normal for to be gone. I’m glad she likes school although she seems a little disappointed that first grade will last a whole year. Don’t grow up on me too fast! It will go by before I am ready.

Summer Fun Drawing to an End

Summer is drawing to a close. School starts next Monday. This has been a long summer break as Rae got out for summer May 23rd from her old school and will start August 27th at her new one.

The move set back some of our summer plans. We didn’t make it to the water park and just now getting comfortable exploring more of our new city. We do plan to make the most of the last few days. Today we are knocking something off the bucket list. Rae wanted to build a bear at the Build-a-Bear Workshop – plus there is a dinosaur exhibit at the mall, too. Also we are going to one of the many local museums this weekend.

Next summer will be a different story. There won’t be a clothes pin left on the bucket list.

A New Job – A New State

Today I write my first post from Texas – the state we now live in. I guess since we now live in a city of 1.2 million people I can say that we live in San Antonio. This city is fantastic. We have been here a week and I already love it. So much to do and so much to see.

So don’t be surprised if I journal our experiences here. I had flirted with the idea of starting a new blog about San Antonio but feel that since I know so very little about this city that the blog would just be about our adventure. Then I realized that I already have a blog about that – Raesmom.

So here I will be chronicling our adventures. What is left of summer we have started a small bucket list of stuff we want to do before school starts. School is still almost a month away – so we have some time to still have a fun summer.

The Summer that Wasn’t..

Ah, so many plans for this summer and none are coming true! I blame my husband as he has taken another job out of state. We move later this month – so we have been saving money for the move and packing. The good news is we are moving to a great city with lots to do – plus school won’t start until the third week of August giving us about a month to have our summer fun.

We will still be in cheap mode since we will be waiting for the new paychecks from the new job. I’m planning now by spending as little as possible and saving my freelance money. The good news is that when we get moved, there will be plenty to do and some of it will be on the cheap. I really want to start a blog about moving and our journey but also really don’t. Maybe I make a Tumblr account and chronicle our adventure in pictures. Or maybe I could just blog about it on one (or all) of my existing blogs.