Zelda Disappointment

My daughter loves Super Mario Brothers the cartoon. The DVD that we have advertises Zelda – which was apparently shown in conjuction with Super Mario Brothers in the 1980s. She has been wanting to watch Zelda for weeks. I found the complete Legend of Zelda
series on Amazon for $20. The DVDs came in and Rae was tickled.

Each day she watched one disc. There were only three. When the third disc finished, she was very disappointed. Apparently the show ended without Link and possibly others finishing a quest to somewhere. I’m not sure exactly what was left undone but I do know that Rae was very disappointed. She doesn’t want to even watch the series again calling it stupid. I think she is mad that it is unfinished. It reminded me of her Daddy and the movie City of Angels with Nicolas Cage. In the movie, Nike Cage is an angel who helps a woman find a reason to live. (SPOILER ALERT) He then falls in love with her, gives up being an angel for her and then dies a horrible death. My husband hates that movie. Well he loves it because it is so sweet but the ending just sucks.

So now Rae has Zelda and her Daddy has City of Angels. They now have something they can discuss – how stupid endings can ruin a show for you.

Dr. Seuss on the Kindle Fire

Tomorrow – March 2nd – is Dr. Seuss’s birthday. At my daughter’s school, they will be reading Dr. Seuss stories as will many schools. I’m sure Google will have a Dr. Seuss doodle. If you have a Kindle Fire, you can enjoy Dr. Seuss books in a whole new way. I got the Charlie Brown Christmas app for Kindle (it was a free app one day) and it was such a huge hit with my daughter. These book apps are pretty neat. You can either read the book or have it read to you. With Charlie Brown, there were several ways to interact with the book like shaking a tree to find a hidden ornament. I suspect the Dr. Seuss books to be equally awesome since they are from the same company – Oceanhouse Media.

We bought The Lorax since we are going to see the movie this weekend. I thought it would be fun to read the book and then see a movie – something we always try to do. But there are several Dr. Suess books that are available for the Kindle Fire as an app. Most are $1.99. The Lorax was $2.99.

Celebrities and Babies

Last night on “How I Met your Mother,” Barney and the guy who the show is around(sorry I can’t remember his name. As you can probably guess, I don’t watch the show that often) talk about adopting a baby since neither has found their true love just yet and are ready to start a family.

In the episode, Barney shows up with a baby girl. The friend guy asks questions him about it – thinking he may have got a baby – but it turns out that is not that case. He was just babysitting. But seeing Barney who is played by Neil Patrick Harris made me wonder if that was one of his babies. After all, he and his partner have twins. They use twin babies a lot in television shows. But I see that he tweeted today that was not his daughter. I’m not surprised since celebrities are very guarded when it comes to their children – which brings me to the point of my post.

That must be really difficult. As a parent, I naturally want to talk and share photos of my daughter. When you are a celebrity, this isn’t always the best idea because of privacy issues. Still it must be really hard not to share such a huge part of you with anyone who will listen. Now when you are famous, there are way many more people willing to listen than Joe Public. In fact, if you are famous there are more people who know way more about you than you may be comfortable with. But celebs come into our homes through television shows and movies. We follow them on Twitter. It is hard not to feel like you know them personally.

So maybe there is an upside to not having wealth and fame – you have a private life. Too bad it doesn’t pay more.

Christmas Planning

It is the most wonderful time of the year. I do love Christmas but for the past few years it’s been really hard to get into the Christmas spirit. A little background as to why I feel this way. Before Rae was born, I looked forward to Christmas for many years – then I got married. That in itself is not the reason I lost some Christmas spirit. We’ve had many good Christmases together and some not so good.

Visiting with in-laws at Christmas time was tough. Usually there is much sickness and some sadness surrounding a lack of money. But I always enjoyed visiting – even if it was a Debbie Downer some of the time. We’ve experienced some great sadness at Christmas, too. A few years ago my sweet mother-in-law passed away three days after Christmas – that was following the death of a family friend a year before at Christmas.

When Rae was born, I hoped my Christmas spirit would return and it slowly is. Each year I seem to look forward to the holidays more. I didn’t really start to post to be about sadness but about joy.

I love Christmas music and don’t really understand why it isn’t played all year round. I’ve taught my daughter one Christmas song parody that she has been singing for weeks now. I feel like the Grinch who heart grew with each Who kindess. Every time she sings that silly song I feel a little bit more excited about the upcoming holidays.

It always seems that I get in the Christmas spirit a little too late. Not for the Christmas season – which Christmas begins the eve of December 24th – but for all the parties, get togethers, and such that happen before Christmas. I get in the mood to shop too late – then I can’t decide what to buy whom. This year I hope to get at least 75% of my shopping down Black Friday weekend. I no longer agonize over the perfect gifts for the kids. In the frenzy of opening gifts, they do not realize what gift is from you anyway. So all that stress and shopping hours are wasted.

But this year I plan to take advantage of finding Black Friday deals online – knowing at least a week in advance where I plan to go and what I plan to buy. Shopping in a crowd can be distracting – so a detailed list ensures I get what I came for. It also helps me figure out what to buy before leaving the house. This is great to keep me on budget.

This year we have been toying with the idea of a family gift but can’t seem to make up our minds. We like the idea of being practical but knowing how busy this time of the year is, it seems our options will have to wait anyway. We want a dishwasher, a new tub, and a stove – all of which will take some work on our part. The fun options – like a Kinect or PlayStation 3 – might win out this year.

It is nice to look forward to the holidays and have the Christmas spirit a little earlier.

Red Ribbon Week

It has been Red Ribbon Week all through the land. Each day is a different theme at school. Yesterday was wear camouflage day. Today is crazy hair day – which Rae could have just awakened and went to school.

These special days are fun – it helps to break up the normal morning routine that is school. It also gives me something to entice Rae to wake up for. The morning routine is still a little rough – so any special event makes the day easier to face.

I cannot believe that I haven’t taken pictures of her this week. I did get a picture yesterday but it was after school. She was still decked out in her pink camouflage. Today I sprayed glitter in her hair for crazy hair day. Tomorrow is wear a hat day. Friday is wear school colors day.

Red Ribbon Week always reminds me of Halloween. It seems it always falls right before Halloween as a reminder to stay safe.

Missing a Day of School

It has been a rough two weeks around our house. My husband has been working late hours – which messes up all of our schedule. Rae has been getting to bed a little later than normal – which is partially – if not all – my fault. I mean I’m the parent. It’s my job to get her to bed on time. But with just me ( I seriously have no idea how single parents do this day in and day out!) it is hard to get everything done in an evening.

This morning Rae wakes up for school and says she is too tired. She wants to stay home and while I feel that she would be OK to go to school, I totally get where she is coming from. We are all a bit worn out from the late nights that Daddy has been working. These next few weeks ( well probably until Christmas) are full of activities. When we get worn down, we are more likely to get sick. So even though I felt like Rae could go to school and be fine, I worried that she might get sick. She has been coughing a little more than normal – which is worrisome. It seems since school started that we are sick at least once a month.

So I let her stay home today. It is something that we cannot make a habit just because she doesn’t feel like going. But a day off every now and then is OK. I feel guilty for not making her go but also glad that she can stay at home and rest. We all need lots of rest. Sadly the weekends have become a time for work instead of play.

School Rewards

We had another school milestone this week. Rae got her first report card. Well, I saw report ‘card’ but it was a printout since everything is now computers. When I was in school, we had actual cards that the teachers wrote the grades in tiny boxes and there was six lines on the back for the parents’ signature. By the end of the year, those report cards looked a little rough around the edges. But I digress.

So Rae got all A’s and there was much rejoicing. Well we did expect her to have all A’s. She is very bright and it’s also kindergarten. She should ace kindergarten because a lot of this material she already knows.

When I was in school, you didn’t get money for good report cards. But I think we need to decide if we plan to monetarily reward her for good grades. Over the next 13 years we may dole out a small fortune since we expect she will make good grades. We already have a rewards system for her behavior at school. Each day they are good, they get a smiley face. We told her that for every twenty she collects that we will pay her $20. So I think for grades that we shouldn’t go crazy since we already rewards pretty well for her just acting like she should in class.

Maybe we will pay $1 for each A. That will be an extra $5 for her. Each year we can add $1 for each A. By the time she is a senior, that could be a nice chunck of change – which hopefully she will be a saver and not a spender like her father and I.

Today she did not want to go to school and kept asking it she could stay home. We have been in school nine weeks and already we are looking to ditch. I think she is tired this week – off from school Monday and a couple of late nights. A nice relaxing weekend and hopefully she will be ready for school Monday – at least let’s hope because it is way too early in the school year for spring fever.

Family Project

Rae has an art project that is for the whole family. She has to return it to school Thursday. It is a simple project. They are on the letter ‘t’ so they must decorate a turtle however they wish. It’s a printout of a turtle and not a real one – thank goodness.

Last night we dyed some feathers for the turtle because that’s what she wanted. She is the project manager on this so what she says is what we will do. Her turtle will have feathers – and I’m not sure what else.

I had thought about crocheting a small scarf or flower. It could be my contribution to the family art project. We will be working on it tonight.

Girl Scouts

We are in our third week of school and have already joined our first organization. Last night we went to a girl scout’s meeting – or really a sign-up for the girl scouts meeting. They had been to the school and talked with the kids about the girl scouts. Rae seemed interested and I think it will be fun.

I didn’t know that you do not have to join a troop to be a girl scout. You can be a free agent and not have to join one. That might be good especially if our school doesn’t have a troop. I would volunteer but with work it would be impossible. I also learned the girl scouts sell nuts in the fall. The cookies get so much attention. I do like that the girls get to decide where the money raised from these projects is spent.

Also the uniforms are totally optional. From the meeting I gather that most troops around here use a specially designed t-shirt.

She will be a Daisy – since she is in kindergarten. It should be a fun experience. I think we are both pretty excited about it.

Nursemaid’s Elbow

Nursemaid’s Elbow happens when the a bone in the elbow – the raidus – becomes dislocated. It is common in children and can happen when you pull up a child by their arm suddenly. It can also happen swinging them by their arms. With little kids who are still developing, the radius can become dislocated.

This has happened to my daughter on three occasions. The first time we were in Wal-Mart. My husband grabbed her hand to get her out of the way. She favored her arm and became very quiet. We were going to take her to the E.R. when the elbow popped back into place when my husband put her in her car seat. At the time, we didn’t know what had happened.

The second time was at a play date. I grabbed her hand to hurry her out of the street as we crossed a parking lot. This time she favored it more and it didn’t just pop back into place. We took her to the E.R. where they did some x-rays and told us about nursemaid’s elbow. The nurse and the doctor tried some nursemaid elbow reduction techniques but nothing seemed to work. We went home and the next day while playing, the elbow went back into place.

The third time happened while her cousin was helping her climb a tree. We went to the doctor who did some techniques and the elbow popped back into place. She wouldn’t let us much to do the reduction. We had seen the E.R. staff do it and watch some You Tube videos. We felt we knew enough that we could fix it without doing something wrong.

You can tell almost instantly when the elbow pops back into place. First off, there is a pop that is pretty noticeable. They will begin using the arm again almost instantly.

The last time it happened Rae was five. We thought she was past the age when this could happen but apparently not. Also older Rae was much more difficult. She was more aware of the discomfort and did not willingly want to do anything to cause any more. It was definitely easier to coax her into trying to make it better when she was younger.

Hopefully we are done with that because she is a terrible patient now that she is getting older.