Website Traffic

I do not really keep up with my website stats except through MyBlogLog. I am saddened that MyBlogLog is going away and now I have to find some other way to check on my stats.

The only website that I have that really garners any traffic is There are a few blog posts that get the majority of traffic. The subjects of these posts: mosquitoes, plastic Easter eggs, and wedding gifts. The Easter egg article was one that I had written because I thought it could be useful. It is full of ideas of using plastic Easter eggs after Easter. The mosquito post is about using Listerine to kill mosquitoes. It was written as a “I read this on the Internet. Can you believe this?” Apparently a lot of people have also heard about Listerine and its rumored negative impact on mosquitoes. The wedding gifts was a post about ideas for gifts for a second marriage.

If only I was inspired with more content that people were searching for, my blogs would be popular. The little success I’ve had has made me think that keyword density and other nonsense will not make a big different in article popularity. I could be wrong. Articles I’ve written with keywords in mind never get any traffic. I just love to write about what I want to and not think about keywords or traffic. If I would just learn to concentrate more on that, then maybe all of my blogs would be more popular.

Hubby’s Day Off

There are two things that happen when my husband has a day off. I clean more for some strange reason. I also get less blogging/writing done. Both of these make no sense. My husband doesn’t demand that I clean and I still have access to the computer.

When he’s home, it’s a different dynamic than my normal routine. Maybe I’m partially still in weekend mode. Whatever the reasoning, I always lose a day of productivity. It’s not totally a bad thing. After all, I do get to spend more time with my husband. I also seem to focus better the rest of the week.

It’s a weird dynamic when he is home during the week. But overall we enjoy him being here. Just wish it didn’t affect my routine so much.

Benefits of Working for a Blog Network

Some days I really miss working for a blog network. I miss it so much that I set out to find any current ones looking for bloggers. A few years ago, blog networks seem to be all the rage. You could find massive lists of blog networks. Now sadly a lot of those networks have closed up shop.

I still hope to one day find another gig with a blog network. There are many benefits to working for a blog network. There are some downsides – like your writing isn’t for your own blog. With a blog network, you gain a support system of other bloggers who have a lot of motivation. Since you get paid, you want your blog to do well because that could mean more money. This support can lead to more links to your blog, traffic to your blog, and publicity of your blog. It’s a great thing that won’t cost you a dime.

With blog networks, you get paid regularly. It can be really frustrating to self-promote your own blogs for months and see very little monetary return. Blog networks have more resources for promotion. There is a sense of safety in numbers, too. You can actually see your earnings increase when you put the effort into marketing your blog.

Writing for a blog network may not be for everybody, but there are definitely some real advantages to being part of a team than trying to make it on your own.

Blog Networks

Over the past two years, I’ve worked for a blog network. I’ve enjoyed writing on these blogs but feel it’s time to move on. It’s hard to leave especially since I’m finally seeing some ‘real money’ from the endeavor. But I believe that I will be happier and more prosperous if I concentrate on my own blogs. I worked for 451 Press which was a great experience and I learned a lot.

It feels good but I’m sad. I mean some of the blogs I’ve blogged on for over a year. But all good things must come to an end. I am excited to finally give my blogs more attention like finally making a header for this blog among other projects. I need to make me a list and a time frame for getting things done for my blogs. So this week I will be wrapping up blogging on those 451 Press blogs and hopefully making a plan for May.

Twitter Woes

Not too long ago, I really enjoyed Twitter. Now, well, not so much. At first it was a great way to find out news but lately it seems full of retweets, follow shout-outs, and hashtags(#tcot for example) that I still don’t understand. Also so many have other services post to Twitter and use more than 140 characters, so you have a bunch of incomplete sentences that you will never know the rest of since it doesn’t link to the rest of it.

The only news I’ve read lately has been the stupid follow race between CNN and Ashton Kutcher. Ashton apparently won and was the first to reach 1 million followers. You know how many he follows? 73. Seems a little unbalanced don’t you think? Anyway the whole thing is just plain silly and sophomoric.

So for now I think I’m done with Twitter, not like I was a big user of it in the first place.

Elevator Pitch

If I only had a few words that I could use to describe this blog I would have to say that Raesmom is a blog to express my opinion, experiences, and thoughts.

That’s for the short elevator ride. I had thought of something a little longer but I was in the car, so I wasn’t able to write it down. So it’s lost for now. It will probably come to me at 3am and will awaken me from a sound sleep.

31 days begins today

The 31 days to better blogging over at Problogger begins today. Today we have an assignment to write and elevator pitch for our blog.

An elevator pitch for the blog should be a clear and concise message about what the blog is all about. For, I place posts here that don’t fit on my other main blog, Subjects I cover here deal with the following subjects that are the categories – dieting, debt, politics, Catholicism, TV, and crochet. So Raesmom is very eclectic but also focused at the same time.

I started for one specific reason – branding. I use the username Raesmom quite often so I wanted to have a web presence for that name. My goal was for this blog to be a gateway to my other blogs. I’m hoping by the end of this challenge that I will have a clear cut plan for how to make this blog better and purposeful. I love blogging so I’m always looking to improve and make my blogs better.

So I’ll work on my elevator pitch today. I’m glad I’m doing it for this blog as I really would like to see this one take off.