Sock Puppets


This past weekend, we went to MobiCon – a gaming convention in Mobile, Alabama. Surprisingly they had several kid friendly activities including a puppet show. That gave me the idea of making our own sock puppets.

So this week we made two sock puppets. We did finish the baby one. She favors the momma sock since she has red hair and the same hair ribbon.

Rae has enjoyed playing with the sock puppets these past few days. We have plenty of orphaned socks and yarn, so we can make plenty of sock puppets. I had bought a puppet stage at the local salvage store so hopefully we can get it set up and put on some puppet shows this summer.

Summer List

Last year Amy from Mom Advice did a list of all the summer activities that her son wanted to do during the summer. The list wasn’t extravagant but included things like go to the beach and play Mario Kart with Mommy.

There are several things that we can do this summer to keep Raegan entertained and to have a lot of fun. I will ask her what she wants to do and then help her add to the list with my own ideas. The problem with asking the three-year-old what she wants to do is that she will want to do it at that moment. So I’m going to start the list and add some of her favorite activities to it.

Paint with Mommy
Make homemade play dough
Make homemade chocolate clay
Bake cookies
Go to the beach
Go to the zoo
Go to at least three play dates a month
Host a play date a month
Camp in the backyard
Get a library card
Go to story time once a week
Sign up for Vacation Bible School(June)
Read 10 books
Make puppets
Check summer movie program at local theater(last year they had a weekly pre-released movie. cost $3 for admission, popcorn and coke)
Sign up to attend 3 Lowe’s Build and Grow Clinics
Check for special programs at local museum and library
Have a weekly board game night
Make some homemade ice cream
Eat watermelon
Do some craft projects

That’s all I can think of right now. I will be updating as summer gets closer and we start making progress on our list.

New Hamster

A few weeks ago, our cat caught a baby bunny. I tried to rescue it but he died but not before Reagan became really attached to it. The bunny lived for about a day after the attack. But that was long enough for Rae to really ‘bond’ with the bunny. We thought about getting a bunny but decided that it would get too big for the three-year-old to handle. So we told her that we would get her a hamster. Last weekend we looked at dwarf hamsters that were absolutely adorable but too small. So a few days ago I bought a cage, food, and hamster ball to get ready for the new pet. I was able to put Raegan off on getting one until Friday since we had to go out of town to a pet store.

Rae picked one out and she named him Smokie. Yesterday she played with him all day. Smokie slept all night and didn’t move an inch. I was worried she had played with him to death and was dreading cashing in on the pet store’s 48 hour guarantee.

He is cute and we’re thinking about getting another one. It will have to be another male since we don’t want to run a hamster baby mill. I’ll have to do some research to make two males would get along.

So far he seems to sleep a lot but is pretty active when he’s awake. He also likes to bathe himself. If he isn’t chewing then he’s bathing. Raegan adores him and it will be a good way to teach her about responsibility.

Adventures in Potty Training

Don’t believe those who say that potty training is easy. It isn’t. Do believe them when they say that you and your child have to be ready. It will take a lot of fortitude and patience. We have been potty training on and off for months. Finally we are hitting a breakthrough.

At first, it was a chore just to get her to sit on the potty. She always says no when asked if she needs to potty. Finally just this week she has been going to the potty when I tell her instead of resisting the idea. Hopefully she is finally getting used to pee-peeing in the potty.

There is no better sound to me these days than the sound of pee in the toilet. All I can think is that’s one less pee-stained outfit to wash and one less puddle to clean up. The best thing is finally being done with pull-ups. We will at least save $500 a year. Well really we will probably need most of that to fun dance and karate classes. Still it’s nice to enter this new stage of toddler-hood- a potty trained kid.

Proud Potty Moments

I had no idea that potty training would be so hard. We have tried everything and we think she gets it but something just hasn’t been clicking. Well I think this week we’ve had passed a major hurdle.

A few nights ago, we were in bed when Rae said she needed a diaper change. She wasn’t wet, so I raced her to the bathroom where she peed in the potty. This was the first time that she has said she needed to go to the potty. Well, indirectly or in her own language. That’s what I was beginning to wonder if she equated going to the potty to using the potty. Yesterday she let us know she was going but it was too late to make it to the potty.

It gives me hope that one day she will be potty trained. The breakthrough the other night happened right after my nightly prayer that included Rae’s potty training. Talk about answered prayer!

Out of the mouths of babes

Some days I can’t take two steps with Rae in tow. Today is one of those days. I had to go to the potty so she accompanied me.

After I got done with ‘number two,’ she looks in the potty and says, “wow, Mommy, you sure have lots of poop!”

Ah, what an honest age she is at.