A New Hair Do

This weekend I was all set to get my hair chopped off. I have had the same basic hair do for years. I want something different – something bold – something new. My problem is that I have no idea really what I want. So I did not get my hair cut because I’m not sure I want to get rid of the length – not like it’s that long but still. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. And winter is coming – so I need to be prepared. (If I’ve learned anything from The Song of Ice and Fire it’s that..;)

I was looking at the Facebook feed when a friend from high school had posted a recent picture of her and her son. I almost didn’t recognize her. Her hair was totally different than she has ever worn it before – or that I’ve seen her wear it. Now I haven’t seen her much since high school many years ago but the pictures she has posted before still have her hairstyle similar to what she wore in high school.

She has always spent a lot of time primping before leaving her house – so it’s no wonder I’ve never seen her have a bad hair day. This new style was gorgeous on her. Her other style is great, too. It’s what I think about when I think of her. This new style was modern and simple. Now I know how I want to do my hair.

We grew up in the 1980s – the decade of big hair. The taller the hair, the better. My hair has always been sort of fluffy. It is thick and there is a lot of it. I haven’t used a curling iron in years but think I may try a flat iron. I think that will help me get that sleek look for my hair, too. Now to go get my hair trimmed up – maybe even colored – to help kick off this new hair style.

Hair Feathers

It is becoming pretty popular here to get these feather extensions in your hair. Since it is catching on here, it probably has already been a trend across the country two years ago. I first heard about these feathers in your hair from a woman at work whose daughter had some added to her hair. My first thought was this would be cool for Rae since she loves feathers. My second thought was that this reminds me of roach clips – not that I have ever used one but I did own one years back and it had feathers hanging from it. Today’s hair in your feathers are way cooler than that 1980s roach clip with hot pink feathers.

The cheapest place to get these feathers is at the local community college beauty school. Apparently at some salons these hair extensions start out at $10 per feather. I’m not sure how I comb my hair with feathers in it since it seems to be semi-permanent. I guess you learn to manage.

Anyway, this may be something that we do for Rae since we are getting her haircut next week. We’ll see how permanent it is. Not sure if this would be acceptable at school – which starts in a few weeks.

The Man Wiki

It has to me a man thing. Ask a man a question – and he will give you an answer. It may not be right, but it probably will be believable. Or at least that is how it is with my husband. We were discussing this last night when my husband had the idea of a Joe wiki – the world according the him. I think it could be expanded to the man wiki – facts that men think are true. Here a small example from last night –

Me: “Did you know Gerraldine Ferraro died this weekend?”

Joe: “Did she retire from the bench?”

Me: “The Supreme Court? No. Are you thinking of Sandra Day O’Connor?”

Joe: “Isn’t that John Connor’s mom?”

Me: “That’s Sara Connor.”

The Man Wiki – I can just imagine reading all the untrue ‘facts’ now.

Refocused Focus

Working from home has some great perks. One of the biggest drawbacks for me is distractions. I get occupied with housework, clutter, worry, and guilt. A day will go by and I will not have accomplished anything. I am looking forward to working outside of the home again. It is the right thing at the right time for us.

My interview last week went fairly well. I was sort of down on myself but in hindsight feel it was good. Now I just have to wait for word. But I feel a lot of peace about it. Going through this whole process has taken some of the focus off home, so that has been good. In fact, I have been able to do more around the house. This does show me that worry doesn’t get anything accomplished. It only slows you down. So even if I don’t get this job, I need to let go of the worry at home and just concentrate on getting work done. Surprisingly an opportunity outside of the home has made that clear.

So even if I don’t get the job, maybe I will be more productive at home.

A New Notebook

Although I love my computer, nothing beats a notebook to jot down ideas. That is why we are always picking up notebooks – especially on trips when we have ‘down time’ – to write down our thoughts. I couldn’t pass us some $1 notebooks on clearance. I picked out three – one for each of us.

My goal is to fill this notebook with words. About what you might ask? Anything and everything! There will probably be some article and blog ideas. Maybe even an idea or two for a computer program will find its way onto the pages. I just plan to write something on every page before moving on to a new notebook. We will fill a notebook halfway and then lose track of it. When we find it months later we already have another notebook that we have started. We have so many half-filled notebooks lying around.

So with this new one, I want to use it completely before getting another one. That way I get the most out of my $1. Oh yeah, and I will have a notebook completely filled up. That will be unusual.

Cold Weather and Meteor Shower

We are right smack down in the middle of a cold, frigid snap. Of course, we aren’t the only ones. I read on CNN that 49 of the 50 states have seen snow. We saw ice and that was about it. Incredibly disappointing to my daughter who was looking forward to making snow angels. But the cold weather is far from over, so we may see snow yet.

Already many are feeling cabin fever. We southerners are not used to prolonged periods of cold weather. Luckily the roads are all clear here and life is pretty much normal. Well except for last night. There was a meteor that flashed through the sky that caused quite a stir. My husband learned of the strange flash through Twitter and then asked me what was going on. Apparently he thinks I have psychic powers or I just know everything. I did find out what was going on through Facebook and forgot to mention it to him. He did learn about the meteor this morning.

I just like to sleep when it’s very cold. But I can’t because there is so much that I want to do. Sleep doesn’t even make the short list. This year we will change our lives for the better. Down with Debt! I will find a job! We will work on making our dreams come true. So there is a lot that needs to be done. Hurry up warm weather.

May Goals

Hard to believe it is already May 13th! A few weeks ago, I started a May goals document to help keep me focused on the things I wanted to do this month. I thought to keep me more motivated, I need to post it on the blog. This summer I hope to build up my blogs as well as make a little extra money by writing online and doing eBay. So here is what I have on tap for May and what I’ve done so far(which sadly isn’t much)

list 10 items on eBay (I’ve listed 2)
write 25 Epinions.com reviews (have started one)
make 3 items for Etsy
toy leash
fun fur scarf
list 5 books on Amazon
write 5 ehow articles
write 4 BellaOnline articles(written one)

Epinions is paying for posts this month anywhere from .75 to $1.50 per review. I’ve written a couple of reviews before. It’s not hard, so I thought this might be a good way to make a few extra dollars.

I want to start selling on Etsy and want to crochet a few items to try.

I have sold books on Amazon before, so this might be a good avenue to try again. At least it will declutter the bookshelf.

ehow pays revenue share from your how to articles. Some people have good success with them so I want to give it a try.

I write for BellaOnline and have to write a weekly article. I’m way behind as I just haven’t been inspired in the past few months to write regularly. So I’m hoping to get back on track this month.

Weekend Wrap

The weekend started off on the right foot as we went to see Star Trek Friday afternoon. I’m not a Trekker but do enjoy The Next Generation movies and TV show. The movie was great! We may go see it next weekend, too.

Saturday was pretty standard. We just sort of took it easy. Sunday was pretty much the same. So the highlight was really seeing Star Trek. But what a great highlight it was! We’ve added the old Star Trek movies to our Netflix queue. I’m sure they will be cheesy but should be fun to see them again.

I did watch the season finale of the Amazing Race. It was good. Of the three teams remaining, I really didn’t care who won. There wasn’t a team I was rooting against. Overall it was a good season with not too much drama except for Luke and Jen/Keisha.

So it was a pretty quiet weekend which was good after we traveled the weekend before and will be traveling this coming weekend. Nice just to be home.

The Zoo

We are very fortunate to live near a nice, small zoo. We go several times a year and always have a great time. My favorite exhibit is the prairie dogs. We will probably go again in a few weeks but I would love to travel to some other zoos this summer.

One of my favorite zoos is the Tampa Zoo. I’d love to go back. We will probably go to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans soon and possibly another zoo that is nearby. With the warmer temperatures, I’m definitely ready to do a little traveling. Hopefully we’ll be able to swing a few small trips this summer. I love getting away for a few days as I always come back so refreshed and ready to take on anything.