Little Debbie 100 Calorie Snacks

One lifesaver when I’m dieting is 100 calorie snacks. It seems most companies now have a 100 calorie alternative to most of their foods.

I tried Little Debbie’s newest one – yellow cake with buttery icing – because it looked yummy. I adore cake and if there is one I can eat on my diet, then it’s worth a try.

While I was disappointed with the size, I wasn’t surprised since it’s only 100 calories. But the taste is awesome and it does hit the spot. I found that the one 100 calorie serving satisfied my sweet tooth and hunger.

I can eat a lot of cake, so to have such a small portion be enough is amazing. The icing has so much flavor, too. I can get over the small size since it really is good. I’ll definitely will be buying these again.

They come six to a pack and sell for under $2. Just look for them with the rest of the Little Debbie boxed snacks at your local store.